Home Inspection #1

So imagine someone told you they were going to come and inspect your house before you could become parents.  How nerve racking would that be?  Yea, it really is.

I believe we’ve spent the last 6 days cleaning.  Doing laundry.  Setting up the nursery.  Cleaning again.  Rearranging our bedrooms.  Doing more laundry and then more cleaning.  The night before the inspection we stayed up til 1am, and probably kept our neighbors up too, setting up the most annoyingly imperfect dresser ever.  When we finally did get to bed I was wide awake so nervous that I forgot to clean something!

The morning of the inspection and home interview came and I made sure I didn’t mess up the bathroom getting ready for my day, wiping the surfaces and floor as I went.  I forget to eat breakfast and more importantly I forget to have coffee!  In fact, I was so nervous that I didn’t realize until AFTER the interviewer declined my invite for a cup of coffee that I actually forgot to put the water in the coffee maker before pressing “Start”.  Boy was I thankful she said she didn’t want any – that would have been just a little embarrassing.  I suppose I made up for it by perpetually yawning throughout the course of our time together.  Classy, I know.

At 9:58 my doorbell rings and my home inspection begins.  She walks through the front door completely overlooking my immaculate looking living room and moves right on into the kitchen.

‘Wait a minute!’ I thought to myself, ‘You mean you’re not going to check under my couch cushions to see that I’ve vacuumed them?  Or look at my lampshades to make sure there is no dust?’

Well, as it turns out, they really don’t care if every slat on my blinds was clean or if I used a Q-tip to clean the cracks of the furniture.  They really aren’t worried that I had a spoon in my sink even though I shrieked inside when I saw it!  So how relieved was I when I realized that they understand that homes are meant to actually be LIVED in??  Oh my, words can’t even describe.

Well after almost 2 hours of inspecting and interviewing it turns out I’m going to need another appointment just like today to finish up the other 47 questions left that we didn’t get to on the interview form.  Thankfully, we did pass the home inspection with only a suggestion to remove a dying rosebush in the backyard and get a few locks for our cabinets, simple really.  But for next time I know that it will be okay if there are a few dishes in my sink or a few specs of dust on my coffee table.

And next time I will make the coffee veerrryyy slowwwlyyyy.

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