With Licensing comes Patience.

It’s been several weeks now since we finished our Foster Parenting class and finished up our massive amounts of applications and other paperwork for our license.  As eager as the county is to get foster homes you would think they would have worked a little faster to get us licensed and be careful not to lose our paperwork.  As of right now all we are waiting for is a piece of paper in the mail saying we’re licensed then we can start accepting babies.

At the same time that we have been waiting there has been a lot of reason to be thankful for the delay.  Who knew that I would learn not only patience but also to be grateful for the long process after this weekend?

Many of you know that this last Sunday my dad had a grand mal seizure early Sunday morning that brought us all to Petaluma Valley Hospital at 2:30am.  After a long night of tests and flowing emotions by all of us, my dad was released and has been undergoing a series of tests each day since.  We didn’t know until we were at church that morning that Dave’s brother, Kevin, had also been admitted to the Emergency Room in Los Angeles just hours before my dad was due to severe abdominal pain.  Sunday afternoon could quite possibly be one of the most emotional days I’ve had in years.  Dave started on a 6 hour drive to be with his brother while I stayed back to help my family in any way possible.

As I look back on the events of the last 4 days I see many places where God’s hand was so visible.  If we had been licensed when promised we both wouldn’t have been able to go to the hospital to be with my family and Dave probably wouldn’t have been able to go to LA to be with Kev since we would most likely have had a baby by this last weekend.

I am so thankful for the lesson in patience and for the way God looks out for us even when we don’t know what is happening or about to happen.  I am also thankful that Dad and Kevin are both doing much better now and also for all of the prayers and support we got from our friends and family.

Now, let’s see how long after today we will wait for our license to be done…Can you tell I’m a little anxious? 😉

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