Because I said so…

I think it’s pretty safe to say that you know you’ve become a parent when your vocabulary starts to transform into four word sentences, like the following:

Sit down right now.
Don’t you touch that!
Listen to me please.
Don not talk back.
Come over here now.
And my personal favorite: Because I said so.

You see, I never thought I’d ever say that.  I have heard countless parents utter the phrase and I suppose it was only a matter of time before I became one of those poor souls.  🙂

About a month ago (sorry this is so late) we were blessed with our first foster placement, Little D.  She is 2 years old and absolutely adorable.  Even though we only had her for 2 weeks we fell in love with her.  Just like any typical 2 year old her vocabulary was full of questions.  Well…maybe just one question: Why?  I finally realize now why so many parents resort to “Because I said so”.  I think there is only so many times you can repeat yourself before you just go nuts.  The first time it came out of my mouth I have to say it surprised me but during that time with her it became kind of typical.  I tried my best every time “Why” came up to answer with as much detail as I possibly can within reason for a 2 year old, however, more times than not it usually ends in those four words.

Little D is not with us any longer because she was transferred to a home where she and her brother can be together, which is the best thing for them both so we are very happy.  We are hoping that we can spend some time with her in the near future.

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