Will I ever get my sleep back?

After we said goodbye to “Little D” we decided to take a few weeks of a break before we took a new foster placement.  I had 4 weddings in 4 weeks and Dave had a lot of work to do to gear up for all of his summer trips so we knew it would not be fair to a child to go through our crazy month with us. We now see that God had a plan in our waiting because our next baby was going to be a special one!

On the day we were open to a new placement we received baby N, aka: little Nugget.   At 6lbs 10oz she was the smallest bundle of love to live in our house so far.  She was only 4 weeks old and as beautiful as can be.  As many of you know in gaining a newborn you say goodbye to precious sleep.  The first few nights were the “honeymoon” portion for me thinking “aw, this isn’t so bad, I can deal with this…”.  After about night 4 I think I wanted to cry.

I am happy to say now, 5 weeks and 3lbs later this baby is getting some pretty good sleep!  We have one 5-6 hour stretch starting around 8:30 or 9:00pm, which is so nice, if only we went to bed that early!!  That has become a new mission of mine, to change my bedtime…yea right.  We’ll see if I can do it.

Baby N is such a joy.  We are so in love with her and love to watch her as she starts to do new things.  Her newest: smiling and cooing.  Oh my gosh, SO sweet!! I could just sit and watch her for hours.  As a matter of fact, Dave is doing that right now, they are talking about roller coasters, haha.

Thank you to all of you who have blessed us with baby clothes and other items.  We are putting them to great use!! More updates to come, but I will leave you with my favorite picture of her so far – that I’m allowed to post that is.


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